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As our loved ones age, the need for extra assistance in basic tasks often becomes apparent. Concerns about their safety at night, when you may not be available to provide care, can weigh heavily on your mind. This is where night services offer compassionate care to your relative and provide your family with the peace of mind you all deserve.

Overnight care is a valuable alternative to residential homes, ensuring that your family member receives the care they require from a trained professional while remaining in the comfort of their home.

Who Benefits from Overnight Care?

Overnight care primarily caters to older adults facing difficulties in tasks such as using the toilet independently and changing positions at night. It’s also suitable for individuals with conditions like dementia or those recuperating from a medical procedure.

Understanding Waking Night Services

Waking night services involve the carer being awake throughout the night, even when your loved one is asleep. Their primary responsibility is to provide continuous care, mainly if the individual requires frequent monitoring, assistance with mobility, or medication administration during nighttime hours.

The roles of a waking night carer may encompass the following:

Waking night carers are ideal for people who require constant care, including those with severe disabilities, dementia, or medical conditions necessitating round-the-clock attention.

Understanding Sleeping Night Services

Sleeping night carers are physically present on-site during the night but are allowed to sleep when your family member is resting. They are typically stationed nearby and have designated sleeping quarters, with the requirement to be available in case of an emergency or if their assistance is needed. A sleeping night carer can be woken to provide care and support to your loved one anytime at night.

Sleeping night care offers the individual and family peace of mind. This option is excellent if the person rarely requires nighttime assistance but would appreciate having someone readily available if the need arises.

With a sleeping night carer on hand, your loved one can sleep soundly, knowing that help is just a call away.

Choosing the Right Service for Your Loved One

The choice between sleeping night carers and waking night carers hinges on the specific needs of the individual receiving care. If your loved one is relatively independent during the night and only requires intermittent support, sleeping night carers may suffice. However, if they need frequent assistance, monitoring or struggles with conditions that disrupt their sleep, a waking night carer might be the better fit.

Westwood Care and Support Services offers both waking and sleeping night services. Contact our compassionate team today for more information and personalised care options tailored to your family member’s needs. Providing your loved one with the care they deserve during the night can ensure their comfort and safety while offering your family invaluable peace of mind.